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Magnabond 3 (Ammunition Magnesite)

Dex-O-Tex Magnabond is a trowel-applied bonding agent for application on aluminum decks. It is a combination of neoprene latex and inorganic powders that are blended at time of using to form a mortar-like consistency that is applied directly to clean, firm metal surfaces. Magnabond has acceptance for use by the US Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard as an optional method of installation of oxychloride cement in lieu of the mechanical anchorage method requiring metal clips.

Typical Uses:

-As a bonder for Magnesite to any firm surface
-As a bonder for concrete
-As a tiebond film to improve adhesion of other products to metal surfaces


-Eliminates welding of metal clips, metal lath and bituminous coating

-Both Magnabond 3 and Magnesite are applied by the same trade

-Cost savings

-Solvent free

-Will not soften with heat

-Will not become brittle when cold

@ 1 inch thickness (6.6 lbs/ft2)

-Compressive Strength
(ASTM C109) 3,150 psi

-Bond Strength, Shear to Wood
(with Magnabond Primer) > 150 psi

-Bond Strength, Shear to Steel > 400 psi
Coefficient of Slip-Resistance

-Coefficient of Static Friction
Dry Wet Oily
Leather 0.43 0.50 ---
Rubber 0.81 0.67 0.50

-Coefficient of Sliding Friction
Dry Wet Oily
Leather 0.33 0.43 ---
Rubber 0.80 0.62 0.39

-Moisture Absorption < 10.9%

-Wear Resistance < 0.165 inches

-Stain Resistance Nil

-Impact Reistance ( No chipping, Cracking or Detachment)

-Oil Resistance < 3.9% Weight Gain
< 0.55% Volume Change

-Sparking Non Sparking

-Electrical Resistance < 1 Megohm

-Nailability No chipping,
cracking or detachment.

-Fire Resistance < 3.0 inch liner damage

  • Commercial Vessel Specialty Products
  • Cruise Ship Specialty Products
  • Ferry Specialty Products
  • Military Marine Craft Specialty Products
  • Offshore Drilling Rig Specialty Products
  • Working Ship Specialty Products