Subkote Underlayment Kit

(MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-3135, Type I, Class 1) A trowel-applied, synthetic rubber latex mastic used to smooth a deck overall to receive finishes of uniform gauge thickness. It is resilient, flexible and sound deadening, yet provides good indentation resistance. Subkot 1 is normally applied from 1/8 inch (3.1mm) to 1.5 inch (38mm) thickness – not to … Read more

Detail Drawings

Detail Drawings Terrazzo M Underlayment  with Cove Base (MD-001) Terrazzo M Fine over Underlayment (MD-002) Terrazzo M Fine over Underlayment with Cove Base (MD-003) BC-100 Adhesive & Subkote 1 (MD-004) Neotex P-61 with Cove Base MD-005) Neotex P-61 or N-38 Terrazzo with Cove Base (MD-006) Neotex P-61 Over Subkote 1 Pitched to Drain (MD-007) Subkote … Read more

#0881: N-38 Paste

N-38 Paste (NSN #5610-00-141-7958) SUBKOTE 1 UNDERLAYMENT – MIL-PRF-3135, TYPE I CLASS 1 MATERIAL (Test Report 4336-251); USCG MMC 164.006 (General)