Acousti Fill Kit

Acousti Fill Kit


1 × Acousti-Fil STC Powder

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Acousti-Fill Underlayment is a lightweight, latex composition, trowel-applied flooring underlayment. containing a sound, absorptive, vibration-damping aggregate, which markedly reduces Impact Noise Radiation (INR) and improve the Sound Transmission Classification (STC). Designed for installation beneath various floor finishes such as carpet, resilient tile, ceramic tile, promenade decking, epoxy or various troweled composition flooring material.

Thickness generally recommended and specified for optimum acoustical performance is 1”, depending upon acoustical qualities desired.


Technical Data Sheet – 29  Acousti Fill

SDS Acousti-Fill Powder 1150 

SDS G-26 Paste

Coverage and Packaging


1 inch

12.7 mm 500 mils

6 Square Feet Per Kit

Mix Ratio

1 gallon of G-26 Paste : 1 bag of Acousti-Fill Powder


Item Number

Description Components Weight
1150 Acousti-Fill STC Powder Single

35 lbs. / 15.87 KG

0880 G-26 Paste Single

45 lbs. / 20.41 KG