AJ-44 XL Topcoat

AJ-44 XL Topcoat


AJ-44XL Topcoat is a single component self-crosslinking acrylic waterproofing sealers.

Important characteristics of AJ-44XL Topcoat are that it features excellent hiding, wash-down characteristics, and excellent weathering and wear qualities

1. Economical
2. Durable, abrasion resistant
3. Cleanable, easy to maintain
4. Excellent weathering characteristics–resistant, non-yellowing

Available in 15 standard colors.


Product Description Sheet AJ-44 XL

Color Chart

AJ-44 XL (0720-XL,0721-XL)  GHS 05-20

Coverage and Packaging


Per 1 Gallon Kit

Prepare surfaces,  and apply AJ-44XL in two coats by sprayer or squeegee and back roller at a rate of 200 sq. ft. /gallon per coat.


Item Number

Description Components Weight
0720-XL-COLOR AJ-44 XL Single

11 lbs / 4.98 KG