Colorflake/TM Sealer Kit

Colorflake/TM Sealer Kit


1 × Colorflake/TM Sealer - Resin
1 × Colorflake/TM Sealer - Hardener
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Colorflake/TM Sealer

Part of Colorflake M Decking System:
-Type I, class 2 of MIL-PRF-24613A
-Type IV and V, class 1, grade A, comp E of MIL-PRF-32584
Part of Terrazzo M epoxy terrazzo decking system:
-Type I, class 3 of MIL-PRF-24613A
-Type IV and V, class 1, grade A, comp E of MIL-PRF-32584
-Type I, class 2 of MIL-D-3134J
Part of the Terrazzo M Fine decorative quartz deck covering system:
-Type I, class 1 of MIL-PRF-24613A
-Type IV and V, class 1, grade A, comp E of MIL-PRF-32584

Colorflake/TM Sealer is a 100% solids, modified epoxy sealer resin. This product provides a uniform high gloss finish to existing decorative surfaces such as Colorflake M Epoxy, Terrazzo M Basecoat, Terrazzo M Quik‐Step, and Elastaflake. Fluid‐applied to form a jointless surface; Colorflake/TM Sealer offers substantial protection against everyday wear and tear in high traffic areas. This clear finish can also be incorporated with a non‐skid aggregate to create a high-strength slip‐resistant protective surface.

Typical Uses:

  • Passageways
  • Staterooms & cabins
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Dressing stations
  • Pharmacies
  • X-Ray areas
  • Crew living spaces
  • Laundry
  • Tailor & barber shops



  • Fast curing for short installation times
  • Durable in sanitary, wet spaces
  • Attractive color range
  • Easily maintained
  • Fire retardant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Not flammable or toxic in the wet state


  • Military Marine Craft Deck Coverings


Technical Data Sheet, Colorflake/TM Sealer – 05

Colorflake/TM Sealer Part ‘A’ (1265) GHS 04-21

Colorflake/TM Sealer Part ‘B’ (1266) GHS 04-21


Coverage and Packaging

Theoretical Coverage

0.003 inches

0.0762mm 7 mils

170 Square Feet Per 1 Kit

0.005 inches

0.127mm 10 mils

100 Square Feet Per 1  kit

Mix Ratio

1 Part A : 1 Part B

Packaging, Colorflake/TM Sealer Kit (#0527 Includes #1265 Resin and #1266 Hardener)

Item Number

Description Component Weight


Colorflake/TM Sealer Resin Part. A

6.5lbs / 2.95 KG

1266 Colorflake/TM Sealer Hardener Part. B

3lbs / 1.36 KG