Dex-Screed Underlayment

Dex-Screed Underlayment


Dex-Screed is a polymer-modified cementitious self-leveling resurfacing underlayment for application over steel, galvanized steel and aluminum decks. It is available in natural cement gray and is designed to smooth and flatten floor surfaces before the application of carpet, resilient tile, vinyl sheet good or other composition flooring systems. It is a dry polymer and powder which is mixed with water on the job site and develops a fluid consistency that can be pumped or poured onto an epoxy primed deck surface.


Technical Data Sheet –  Dex-Screed -09

Dex-Screed Underlayment (1180) GHS 09-20


Coverage and Packaging


3/16  inches

4.76 mm 187.5 mils

43 Square Feet Per Kit

1/4  inches

6.35 mm 250 mils

32 Square Feet Per Kit

1  inches

25.4 mm 1000 mils

8 Square Feet Per Kit

2  inches

50.8 mm

2000 mils

4 Square Feet Per Kit

Mix Ratio

1 49 lb Bag : 1 Gallon of potable water


Item Number



1180 DEX-SCREED Underlayment

49 LBS / 22.22 KG