Elastaflake Color Coat Kit

Elastaflake Color Coat Kit

#1640-Color: Elastaflake Colorcoat - Un1A
#1641: Elastaflake Colorcoat - Un1B


Elastaflake Color Coat

ElastaFlake Base coat is a high solid flexible urethane epoxy hybrid that can be used as a stand-alone deck covering system or combined with ElastaFlake Color Coat to provide the applicator an extra layer of protection. Decorative, lightweight and easily cleaned; it can be used anywhere from crew quarters, mess decks and passageways to toilet spaces and galleys. Fluid-applied to form a jointless surface; Elastaflake Base Coat offers substantial protection against corrosion of metal decking and is available in a wide range of attractive pigmented basecoat colors. The pigmented basecoat incorporated with decorative vinyl chips; sealed in a clear epoxy matrix is a go-to for fast and easy application.


Technical Data Sheet, Elastaflake Color Coat, 11

Elastaflake Colorcoat Part ‘A’ (1640) GHS 09-20

Elastaflake Colorcoat Part ‘B’ (1641) GHS 09-20

Coverage and Packaging


Mix Ratio

1 Part A : 1 Part B