Elastaguard Membrane Kit

Elastaguard Membrane Kit

#0484: Elastaguard Membrane - Un5A
#0485: Elastaguard Membrane - Un5B


Elastaguard Membrane

ElastaGuard Membrane is a high solid urethane/polymeric membrane used for waterproofing existing underlayment systems, or as a stand-alone corrosion-resistant underlayment. As an underlayment  ElastaGuard provides the applicator with a flexible corrosion containment system with unrivaled durability when prepared and primed to metallic substrates. Resilient, sound dampening and lightweight its fluid-applied properties form a jointless surface providing an impermeable elastomeric membrane that protects against corrosion and isolates subsequent applications of underlayments, deck covering or floor finishes from movement. As a membrane, this product gives the installer the ability to waterproof existing underlayment systems while also providing a foundation for the next decorative layer.


  • Corrosion prevention membrane for use on interior metal decks.
  • Applies directly to prepared and primed metal surface to provide a virtual corrosion proof surface for subsequent application 4F underlayment.
  • Deck Covering or commercial flooring finishes.
  • Excellent for use as a tank lining for non-potable water or waste


  • Non-flammable and non-toxic in wet state
  • Substantially increases service life of any deck covering
  • Fast-curing for short installation time
  • No hydrocarbon solvents
  • Prevents metal corrosion
  • Attractive Colors available



Technical Data Sheet, Elastaguard Membrane –  12

Elastaguard Membrane Part ‘A’ (0484) GHS 08-18

Elastaguard Membrane Part ‘B’ (0485) GHS 02-20

Coverage and Packaging

Theoretical Coverage

1/16th inches

1.58mm 62.50 mils

127 Square Feet Per Size 5 Gal. Kit

1/8th inches


125 mils

63 Square Feet Per Size 5 Gal. Kit

Mix Ratio

1 Part A : 1 Part B


Item Number

Description Component Weight

0484- Color

ElastaGuard Membrane Pigmented Resin

Part. A

48 lbs. / 21.77 KG
0485 ElastaGuard Membrane Hardener Part. B

9 lbs. / 4.0 KG