Insul-Dex Basecoat Powder


Insul-Dex Basecoat Powder

Insul-Dex is a trowel-applied calcium aluminate cement deck underlayment system that is light weight and provides fire resistance and insulating properties via thermal transfer. It meets the requirements for the United States Coast Guard and IMO A-60 fire protection standard. Although durable Insuldex should not be used as a finished flooring system, it by design is underlayment and is typically covered with carpet, tile, electrical matting, or seamless decking systems which protect against water intrusion. Dex-O-Tex Insul-Dex is used on a wide variety of vessels including U.S. Navy ships, passenger liners, tankers, freighters, ferry boats, and off shore drilling platforms.



Technical Data Sheet, Insuldex Basecoat-14

SDS Insuldex Basecoat Powder -0888

Coverage and Packaging


3/4  inches


750 mils

11 Square Feet Per Kit

1  inches

25.4mm 1000 mils

8 Square Feet Per Kit


1-3/8  inches

34.92mm 1375 mils

6 Square Feet Per Kit

Mix Ratio

1 Bag of Insuldex Basecoat : 1-gallon potable water


Item Number

Description Weight
0888 Insul-Dex Base Coat Powder

28lbs /  12.70 KG