Terrazzo M Bondcoat Kit

Terrazzo M Bondcoat Kit


1 × #0565: Terrazzo M Bondcoat - Part A
1 × #0566: Terrazzo M Bondcoat - Part B


TM Bondcoat


TM Bond Coat is a high solids, modified epoxy binder resin used as an auxiliary coating for priming substrates or bonding multiple systems together. TM Bond Coat offers substantial protection against corrosion of metal decking.

Approved with the following systems

  • Mil-PRF-3135 Type II, Class 2
  • Mil-PRF-24613 Type I, Class 2
  • Mil-PRF-32584 Type IV & Type V



Technical Data Sheet , TM Bondcoat – 21

SDS T/M Bondcoat – A #0565

SDS T/M Bondcoat -B 0566

Coverage and Packaging

Theoretical Coverage Rate

0.003 inches 0.0762 mm 3 mils

531 Square Feet Per 1  Kit

0.005 inches 0.127 mm 5 mils

318 Square Feet Per 1 Kit

*Thickness varies depending on the specified system for the bondcoat and the porosity of the surface.

Mix Ratio

TM Bondcoat Kit: 1 Part A : 1 Part B


Item Number Description Components Weight
0565 TM Bond Coat Resin Part. A 7.7lbs / 3.49 KG
0566 TM Bond Coat Hardener Part. B 2.3lbs / 1.04 KG

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