TM Grout Kit

TM Grout Kit

#1414: T/M Grout Resin - Part E
#1415: T/M Grout Resin - Part F


TM Grout

(NSN #1H-0099-LL-H69-5537)

TM Grout Resin is a high solids, modified epoxy resin with added synthetic Silica. This product provides a sealed barrier layer between underlayment systems. As well as providing the initial seal coat in the Terrazzo M Base Coat system. TM Grout Resins main purpose is to fill all porous voids in the prior system that it is applied to, leaving the installer with a jointless surface to apply the next layer of a desired system.



T/M Grout TDS – 19

TM Grout Part ‘E’ (1410, 1414) GHS 09-20

TM Grout Part ‘F’ (1411, 1415) GHS 09-20

Coverage and Packaging

Theoretical Coverage

0.01inches 0.254 mm 10 mils

110 Square Feet Per Full Kit

0.015 0.381 mm 15 mils

73 Square Feet Per Full  Kit

Mix Ratio

1 Part E: 1 Part F


Item Number

Description Component Weight
1414 TM Grout Resin Part. E 5.0lbs / 2.26 kg
1415 TM Grout Resin Hardener Part. F

2.5lbs / 1.13 kg