Quik-Set Underlayment Kit

Quik-Set Underlayment Kit

#1213: Quik-Set Powder
#0905: Quik-Set Paste - 1 Gallon



Quik-set is a lightweight underlayment screed used in thin gauge applications for leveling and fairing welds. It is a synthetic resin mastic which, when trowel applied to properly cleaned deck surfaces, will adhere without the use of mechanical fasteners. It has good troweling characteristics and is normally applied in feather edge thicknesses. Quik-Set is approved as an IMO primary deck covering material with low flame spread characteristics and does not produce excessive quantities of smoke and toxic products from combustion. It is moisture resistant, has high indentation resistance and is fast setting.


  • All steel, ferrous metal or aluminum surfaces that require leveling or fairing welds


  • Lightweight
  • Fast setting
  • Good adhesion
  • Resilient
  • Flexible
  • Good indentation resistance
  • Trowels to a smooth finish
  • Coast Guard Wheel-mark approved
  • Mil-Spec QPL material


Technical Data Sheet, Quik-Set – 15

Quik-Set Paste (0905, 0906) GHS 02-20

Quik-Set Powder (1213) GHS 10-20

Quik-Set Powder Fine (1221) GHS 10-20



Coverage and Kit Sizes

Theoretical Coverage Rates

3/16  inch

4.76 mm

187.5 mils

27 Square Feet Per Kit

1/4  inch

6.35 mm

250 mils

20 Square Feet Per Kit

1/2  inch

12.7 mm 500 mils

10 Square Feet Per Kit

Mix Ratio

50 lbs of Powder: 1 Gallon of Paste

5 x (50 lbs of powder) : 5 Gallons of Paste


Item Number Description



Quik-Set Powder 50lbs / 22.67 KG
0906 Quik-Set Paste 1 Gal. Qty

9lbs / 4.08 KG

1213 Quik-Set Paste 5 Gal. Pail 45lbs / 20.41 KG