VLW Type III Underlayment Kit – Self-Priming

VLW Type III Underlayment Kit – Self-Priming

Product Description

#0656: VLW Type III Underlay (Self-Priming) - Part A
#0657: VLW Type III Underlay (Self-Priming) - Part B
#0658: VLW Type III Underlay Aggregate


VLW Lightweight Underlayment

Very Lightweight Underlayment (VLW )  is a 100% solids epoxy resin base mixed with a very lightweight aggregate to form a trowel applied decking underlayment for general use under all deck covering materials.  Due to the rapid cure of VLW Lightweight Underlayment, it can be installed with minimum downtime.  It can be applied directly to clean metal or steel. It offers every advantage for lightweight filler sloping/leveling compound for quick turnover maintenance and/or repair installations.

Typical Uses:

VLW Lightweight Underlayment can be used to level or slope a deck and provide a smooth even surface over metal, aluminum or steel for subsequent application of any deck covering problems:

  • Galleys
  • Sculleries
  • Bake shops
  • Washrooms
  • Laundries


U.S. Dept. of Defense MIL-PRF-3135(H), Type I, Class 2, Grade A & B
U.S. Dept. of Defense MARAD Spec No. 59 MA 6a, Type I, Class 2

Weight 0.94 lbs/sq. ft. @ 1/4″ (4.589 kg/m2 @ 6.35mm)
Indentation Resistance 2,000 psi
@ 48 hrs……………………………………..<2%
@ 96 hrs……………………………………..<1%
Impact Resistance <0.062 inches
(2 lb steel ball @ 8 ft)
Moisture Absorption <1%
Fire Rating, U.S. Navy Fire Retardant Passes
Adhesive Strength, Shear 350 psi
(241.39 kg/cm2 )
Corrosive Effect, Steel None
Corrosive Effect, Aluminum None
Shock Resistance
2000 lbs Reverse Impact
No Chipping, Cracking, Delamination
Signs of Deterioration
Abestos Content <0.00005%
Hazardous Metal Content Complies
Hazardous Air Pollutants Complies
VOC Content 100% Solids (0 g/L)
Flash Point >251o F
THICKNESS Minimum 0″ (feather edge) – 3 inch (75 mm)
Per Application


  • Military Marine Craft Underlayments
  • Submarines



Technical Data Sheet, VLW Type III Self Priming – 24

SDS VLW Type III (Self Priming) – A #0656

SDS VLW Type III (Self Priming) – B #0657

SDS VLW Type III Self Priming – C #0658

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