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Terrazzo M Quik-Step

(MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-24613(SH), Type III)

Terrazzo M Quik-Step is a terrazzo-like interior deck covering system designed to provide superior aesthetics and long-term durability. This trowel applied system is customarily applied at 1/8 inch thickness (3.1mm) to 1/4 inch thickness (6.3mm) and forms a sanitary, jointless, virtually impermeable surface. The Terrazzo M Quik-Step formulation is installed in a one step application that eliminates the need for additional grout or sealer. Terrazzo M Quik-Step is ideal for environments where functionality and rapid installation are critical.

Typical Uses:

-Bake shops


-U.S. Dept. of Defense MIL-PRF-24613 (SH), Type III


-One step application for short installation time

-Durable in sanitary wet space and other areas

-Easily maintained

-Fire retardant

-Slip retardant

-Weight 2.45 lbs/ft2 @ 1/8 inch
(11.96 kg/m2 @ 3.18 mm)

-Thickness 1/4 inch (6.35mm) to 1/8 inch (3.18mm)

-Indentation Resistance
(0.38% average) 2,000 psi @ 1/2 hr
(288,000 lbs/ft2)
(140,614 kg/m2)

-Impact Resistance 0.015 inches
(0.381 mm)
(2 lb steel ball @ 8 ft)

-Moisture Absorption 0.07%

-Fire Rating U.S. Navy Fire Retardant
(MIL-D-1623D, SHIPS)

-Adhesive Strength, Shear 2,125 psi
(306,000 lbs/ft2)
(1,494,023 kg/m2)

-Corrosive Effect, Steel None

-Corrosive Effect, Aluminum None

  • Military Marine Craft Deck Coverings