Terrazzo M Underlayment

Terrazzo M Underlayment

MIL-D-3135, Type I, Class 2, Grade B
MIL-PRF-3135, Type II, Class 2, Grade B

Terrazzo M Underlayment is an epoxy resin composition deck underlayment that is customarily applied to a thickness of 1/4 inch, although it can be installed thicker if desired to produce slope for drainage or fair out irregularities in metal decking. Used under any finished decking material; Terrazzo M Underlayment is trowel-applied, has rapid cure times and can be installed with a minimum of downtime. It offers every advantage for quick turnover maintenance and/or repair installations.

Typical Uses:

  • Create slope for drainage
  • Level metal substrate
  • Fairing weld beads


  • Fast Curing
  • Low-Moisture Absorption
  • Cost Effective
  • Universal Applications
  • Multiple Certifications


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