VLW IMO Underlayment

VLW IMO Underlayment

ABS Approval, Deck Covering Underlayment
USCG, Primary Deck Covering

Very Lightweight Underlayment IMO (VLW-IMO) is a 100% solids epoxy resin base mixed with a very lightweight aggregate to form a trowel applied decking underlayment for general use under all deck covering materials. Due to the rapid cure of Very Lightweight Underlayment IMO, it can be installed with minimum downtime. It can be applied directly to clean metal or steel. It offers every advantage of lightweight filler sloping/leveling compound for quick turnover maintenance and/or repair installations.

Typical uses:

  • Create slope for drainage
  • Level metal substrate
  • Fairing weld beads


  • Lightweight
  • Low-moisture absorption
  • Fast curing
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